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Playing By The Rules

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Being a unapologetic, pro-life, heterosexual, Christian American in a politically correct society

Let me start off by saying that I appall political correctness with every fiber of my being. I believe it instills an extremely hypocritical spirit, and causes those who could stand for right to be silenced by those who claim to be tolerant. This has stemmed from years of participation awards, scoreless little league games, whining and protesting because you did not get your way instead of working to make it right, and the teaching that you must adhere to everyone’s beliefs even if they are not yours, or you are a bigot. The fact is, no matter what road you go down there must be a winner and a loser. That is life - get over it! Political correctness has sucked the responsibility right out of our country.

In saying this, I have already offended many people who would jump to the conclusion that I am just no more than a religious bigot who is more than likely a sexist, fascist, or something of that nature. Well, even though that assumption by even a politically correct definition is discrimination, I am willing to “play by the rules” and use political correctness to prove why I should be unapologetic about my beliefs…about the Truth.

First, I am unapologetically a Christian. I accepted Christ as my personal Savior when I was four years old, called into the ministry when I was sixteen years old, and have spent the last year teaching at a Christian school and working at a Baptist church. Some may think my beliefs as an Evangelical are discriminatory and exclude anyone who does not believe like I do, but they would be wrong. If we are going by the rules of political correctness, I am not allowed to shove my beliefs on anyone and I am to respect everyone’s right to their own opinions. As as Christian, I am commanded to follow Christ, and He teaches that every man should love his neighbor as himself. Using that rule I cannot possibly shove anything on anyone because I definitely would not appreciate that! Christ also says, “Whosoever will may come…” Now does that sound intrusive? Some religions will teach you to force people to believe the way you do, even to the point of death, Christianity on the other hand does not.

Second, I am unapologetically an American. We live in a country where it is more important where your great grandparents came from than where you are now. We have a month set aside to celebrate African American history, instead of just celebrating American history all year long. Political correctness teaches not to see color, yet that is exactly what is does. I am an American just as much as the black man who lives across from me, the latino lady who I always see at Chic-fil-A, and the many other races represented in our citizens. The fact is, scientifically, there is only one “race” and that is the human race. Playing by the rules, I celebrate all American history, because we in this country are all Americans! We want to stop the division, yet we cause it by adhering to the teaching that everyone needs their own spotlight in American history. How about we all just enjoy the country our forefathers fought and died for, instead of dividing ourselves because we have a slightly different color skin?

Third, I am pro-life and heterosexual. Why put them together? Well, you will see. I am pro-life because that fetus growing inside its mother’s womb is in fact alive! I could spend a lifetime arguing this point. The fact is, you cannot “abort” something that has not begun in the first place! But, let us play by the rules here too. Political correctness says that it is a woman’s body, so it is her choice. Okay, so if that fetus is a girl, does she not have that same right? Political correctness also says animal’s lives are precious. So, if I decided to abort a litter of puppies because I felt like it inconvenienced my dog, would that be okay? Being heterosexual poses the same questions. I believe God designed marriage to be between one man and one woman for one lifetime, but we can play by the rules here too. Scientifically, it is and always will be impossible for a man and a man, or a woman and a woman to reproduce, therefore it is anti-life. If sodomy continues to grow eventually we are going to start cutting off the human race from existence. Political correctness says it is sexist to judge anyone based off of their anatomic gender, yet that is exactly what the homosexual crowd does. Being a heterosexual, I actually give women a higher “spot on the list” if you will. This may seem like a very trivial argument, but is that not in fact what being politically correct is? I am against abortion, and sodomy for one main reason, other than because God is against it, they are both anti-life! Political correctness wants to say it is for children, yet murders hundreds of thousands of them a year. Political correctness says it is for women, yet gives the microphone to a women-objectifying pop “artist” who yells his true beliefs throughout his lyrics and allows the homosexual crowd to push lust and pure discrimination as love. That does not seem fair, nor consistent to me.

All that being said, everyone has the right to say and believe anything they want. That is what makes America so great! As a Christian, I am commanded to love everyone, and I can honestly say I do. I may not agree with everyone, but I do love them because I know they are just as human as I am and need the same Savior I do. I am just a nobody trying to tell everybody about a Somebody Who can change anybody! But, if we are not careful, no matter who we are or what we believe, political correctness will silence our voice as the people of America.

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